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Magnesium is an essential mineral that, along with calcium, is an important component of strong, healthy bones because it helps regulate the transport of calcium and mineralization of your bones.

Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium so that the body receives maximum benefits, while vitamin K helps ensure calcium build up in bones, not soft tissue, and supports kidneys and cardiovascular function. Numerous studies have shown that adequate calcium and vitamin D levels maintained throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Vitamin C provides a beneficial boost in supporting blood vessels and muscles as well as keeping bones and teeth healthy, and improves bone density.

Magnical-D can be used along with Optimals to address common vitamin and mineral deficiencies while supporting the body in a natural, balanced state.*


Menaquinone MK-7
Calcium Citrate
Calcium Malate
Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate
Magnesium Taurinate
Magnesium Glycinate
Inland Sea Trace Mineral Complex
Acerola Cherry
Shiitake Mushroom Extract
Reishi Mushroom


Take 4 capsules daily, preferably with meals.
Keep out of reach of children.
If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult a physician before using this product.

Magnical-D Questions & Answers

Q: The calcium and magnesium supplement I am presently taking is at a 2:1 ratio and contains much more calcium than the Magnical-D. Why isn’t there more calcium in the Magnical-D?

A: A study released in the June 2012 issue of the journal Heart, concluded that taking too much calcium, taking calcium supplements alone or taking calcium supplements that were not balanced with other important nutrients, could result in an adverse health condition. These researchers demonstrated that some of the calcium was not being deposited into your bones, but instead was being deposited into your arteries. Unfortunately, however, 80 percent of adults and 40 percent of children are still deficient in calcium, which is an essential nutrient for our health.

So, how can you supplement calcium safely? Cutting-edge research done by the medical and scientific staff at ARIIX has shown that calcium needs to be supplemented with magnesium at a 1:1 ratio. Since the average person is receiving around 700 to 800 mg of calcium from their diet, supplementing with 400 to 600 mg of calcium, balanced with magnesium is more than adequate for the average individual. It is also critical that the calcium and magnesium in your supplement is highly absorbable. Therefore, you need to avoid calcium and magnesium supplements that contain the poorly absorbed calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide. Magnical-D also contains 2,000 IU of vitamin D3, which is important to begin absorbing calcium. Magnical-D also contains vitamin K2 that allows the calcium to be deposited into the bone and blocks it from being deposited into your arteries. Unfortunately, vitamin K1 does not accomplish this key goal.

Q: Why do I have loose stools when I take the Magnical-D?

A: Most individuals who supplement using Magnical-D will not notice any change in their bowel habits; however, calcium tends to cause constipation and magnesium tends to cause loose stools. Magnesium works by improving the contractility of muscles including the muscles within the GI tract. Magnical-D does not contain magnesium oxide, which is known to cause significant diarrhea due to poor absorption. If you are experiencing some loose stools after starting Magnical-D, our research has shown that this will usually settle down within a week or two. If loose stools persist, please see a doctor.

Q: My calcium and magnesium supplement contains Vitamin K1, is this okay?

A: Vitamin K2 is the key nutrient you want in your calcium/magnesium supplement and not vitamin K1. Vitamin K2 has the unique property of actually attracting the calcium you consume via your diet and supplements and making sure that it is deposited in your bones. It also has the ability to actually block the deposit of calcium into your arteries, which is the primary health concern when consuming calcium supplements alone or not balanced with highly absorbable magnesium.

Q: Why is it not a good idea to take a calcium and magnesium supplement that contains calcium carbonate and/or magnesium oxide?

A: Calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide have both been shown to be poorly absorbed. Calcium carbonate is the cheapest calcium available in the marketplace today and is dependent on stomach acid for absorption. The problem is that as we age we tend to make less and less acid and therefore absorb less and less calcium from calcium carbonate. Some studies have even shown that you only absorb approximately 50 percent of the calcium from calcium carbonate.

Magnesium oxide is even worse, especially considering the very well done studies that show that you only absorb approximately 10 percent of the magnesium from magnesium oxide. Since the major concern for increased adverse health conditions while taking calcium supplements is the result of taking calcium supplements alone or unbalanced, it is critical to be sure that your calcium and magnesium supplements contain highly absorbable calcium and magnesium. We recommend taking Magnical-D because it is based on recent cutting-edge research and it contains the highest absorbable forms of both calcium and magnesium.

Q: Why are reishi and shiitake mushrooms in Magnical-D?

A: Clinical studies have shown that the essential nutrients in both reishi and shiitake mushrooms have a wide variety of health benefits. We have chosen to add them to Magnical-D because the shiitake mushroom has a high content of both copper and zinc, which is critical for bone growth and maintaining healthy bone. While the reishi mushrooms are key for maintaining bone density and also have natural anti-inflammatory properties to help with joint health.