Q: Can I drink more than one bottle a day?
A: You may drink more than one bottle a day, but that is not necessary.
Q: Can this product replace my daily dose of TNJ or Max?
A: No. Although this product contains Noni, the amount of Noni in it is less than a serving of noni.
Q: Does this product contain fish?
A: Yes. This product contains marine collagen obtained from Deep Sea Snapper.


Q: Is the Deep Sea Snapper wild-caught or farm-grown?
A: Farm-grown
Q: Is there any synthetically formulated collagen in TeMana Noni + Collagen?
A: No.
Q: Has this product been animal-tested?
A: No.
Q: What is the recommended age for consumption?
A: 25 and up
Q: Is there a best time of the day to take the product?
A: We recommend that the product be taken on an empty stomach. That can be early in the morning or in between meals.